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                 About Linda Fleischman

         Plein Air Oil Paintings and Sculptures

Linda views  "the global world as her studio for plein air painting."  


Linda Fleischman has been plein air painting since 2002 in various locations of Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County, Florida.  She focuses her subject matter on documenting historical sites as well as parks, beaches & nature preserves.  Linda has been taking annual plein air workshops internationally since 2011 in France, Italy and Ecuador. Linda has studied with Stephane Ruais in France for three years.  She has also studied with Maddine Insalaca and Joe Vinson in Italy for three years. Linda studied with Roger Dale Brown in Ecuador as well as studies with Morgan Samuel Price in Florida.


Linda has studied sculpture with world renowned sculptors such as Bruno Lucchesi, Paul Lucchesi, Eugene Daub, John Coleman & Peter Rubino.  Sculpture studies were held with Nilda Comas @ Cervietti Studios & Christian Lange @ Barsanti Studies in Pietrasanta, Italy.  Linda has exhibited her  "Small Bronze Female Torso Sculpture Series" at the ninth & tenth Annual Loveland Sculpture Invitational Show in Loveland,Colorado.  Linda has exhibited her bronze sculpture "Jester" at the New Dimensions National Sculpture Show in Vero Beach, Florida  2019.   Linda is exhibiting her bronze sculpture "Girl with Attitude" at the Polasek Museum in Winter Park, Florida 2019.  Linda has exhibited her bronze sculptures from the small torso series "Tattoo and Jewel" at the New Studio for Visual Arts in Jupiter, Florida 2019.

"I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL where I create drawings, paintings, sculptures, and ceramics  as well as wildlife & world digital photography. My travels to France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, India, Ireland, Africa, China, Central and South America continue to give me a profound respect for ancient art and antiquity." Linda's portrait & figurative paintings are all inspired from actual life models posing.

I have been involved in the local Fort Lauderdale Art Community for over 40 years.

I facilitated life drawing, painting & sculpture workshops in Fort Lauderdale for most of these years. Currently, I am dedicated to creating public sculptures of an historic significance in the Fort Lauderdale area."

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